Clinical Radiotherapy Unit

The Radiotherapy Unit compsises An ELECTA 6-18MV Linear Accelerated with multleaf collimator for 3D-conformal therapy, a Cobalt-60 Unir, a high dose rate Iridium MicroSelectron Brachytherapy Unit and a CT-simulator.

Radiation Oncologists:

  • Konstantinos Filipatos, MD
  • Panagiotis Sakarelis, MD
  • Axiotis Giaktzidis, MD

Radiation Physisists take care of the acurate dosimetry and are invovled in the treatment planning of patients:

  • Ioannis Ambatzoglou, MSc, PhD
  • Kyriaki Sismanidou, MSc
  • Christos Nanos, MSc

Radiographers trained in Radiotherapy applications run the clinical radiotherapy unit:

  • Georgia Mouratidou
  • Christos Hatzidis
  • Tzeni Kaloudi
  • Ilias Gazos
  • Aggeiliki 
  • Areti 


  • Ksenia Diamantopoulou