Radiobiology and Radiation Pathology Unit


Cancer and Normal Cell Cultures

Western Blot - Elisa  (Chemidoc™ MP imaging system)

Immunohistochemistry - Immunofluorescence 

Confocal Micorscopy (in collaboration with the CIBIT Facility, MBG-DUTH)

Viability assays (DNA, ATP, Mitochondria) - FLUOstar® Omega  microplate reader

Live cell Imaging (Cell-IQ®)

RT-PCR  (Roche®)

Experimental BALB/c mice - Nude mice - Xenografts  (IVIS kinetics ®)

GEMM (Genetically Engineered and Muted Mice) strains to ionizing radiation: NOD SCID (NOD.CB17-Prkdcscid/J, Genotype: HOM Homozygous for Prkdcscid) and R2G2 (B6.129-Rag2 tm1Fwa II2rg tm1Rsky /DwlHsd)

Radiation Pathology (In collaboration with the DUTh Department of Pathology)